On Tuesday 2nd May Debbie and Jonny from NISCU came to visit.

The Northern Inter Schools Christian Union exists to provide children and young people with knowledge and understanding of the Christian faith and is supported by voluntary donations from individuals and churches across many denominations. They work in schools across the North West of England to support children and young people who want to explore or to express a Christian faith in their local community. 


Debbie and Jonny talked to all the children about God's creation during worship linking to our value of creativity.

Children in Class 1 then found out about the church linking to their RE work this half term. 

Children in Class 2 discussed prayer and were shown a good way to remember how to pray... Praise, Asking, Sorry, Thanks, Amen ...PASTA! 


To find out more about the Northern Inter Schools Christian Union (NISCU) please visit their website https://niscu.org.uk/


NISCU Visit May 2nd


Church School