Children from Winmarleigh are embracing the new changes to our PE curriculum in school.

We have changed our PE uniform and introduced school tracksuits to raise the profile of PE in school.

Our new PE teacher Mr Baker will be visiting every Wednesday afternoon and working with children and staff.

This will be running alongside our swimming sessions on a Thursday afternoon. 


We asked the children what they thought of the new PE uniform... 


'I like the colours, they are like our school colours.'  Finley Year 1

'It expresses our school and our smart attitude towards PE.' Jorja Year 6

'It makes us stand out as a school.' Jasmine, Year 4

'They are eye-catching.' Marley Year 4

'When we have them on we look like an Olympic team!' Nicole, Year 5


Questionnaires sent out to parents were returned with an overall positive response to the changes...

'The children love it!' 

'As a sporty person I feel this is importantfor children to keep fit and active from an early age and pleased that the school has become more aware of this.'


Watch out for our smart Winmarleigh tracksuits at a the next sports event!



New PE kit

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