Children from Year 6 represented Winmarleigh School at the flag raising ceremony for Commonwealth Day.

The Year 6 children wrote about their visit...


At the flag raising ceremony, the first thing we did was go outside in the pouring rain to listen to speechess, then the flag was raised and we had a picture with the 2 army men that were holding the flags. Next we went inseide for tea and coffee. 

It was busy in the room and everybody was enjoying being inside in the warm! Next we went to the chamber, we sat in the massive room and treated it like a real meeting! There were microhones on the tables and huge rows of light were hangin gon the ceiling - they were really bright.

There were 2 big chairs for the Mayor and her assistant. 

We also went into the Mayor's rest room where her picture was hung on the wall. 

It was a very special day at the Commonwealth service and meeting the Mayor. 


By Amy, Jorja & Laura


Flag Raising Ceremony for Commonwealth Day


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