The second half of the Spring term was a very busy one for School Council. 

The term started off with a meeting about how pupils could celebrate Sport Relief and how they could raise money for such a worthy cause. Pupils discussed varying ways in which they could get sponsorship and eventually decided to organise a Zumbathon because the Zumba after school club had been so popular! Pupils contacted Rose the club leader to ask if she would like to lead the Zumbathon and also asked Jane our Bursar to ask Acresfield, our local Health club if they would allow us to hold the Zumbathon in their sports hall. The great news came when Acresfield agreed to let us have our Zumbathon there! It was great fun and a huge success. We raised a whopping £433.50! Such a great achievement for a small village school!

School Council also met with the PFA this term to talk about the theme for this year’s float which would be entered into Garstang Children’s Festival. There were lots of interesting ideas listed but pupils decided to pick a theme that would be appealing to both girls and boys and be suitable for children of all ages. They were also conscious that the idea chosen should be easy to organise costume wise and not cost too much money as some families in school have more than one child to buy for. After much deliberation pupils voted for 100 years of the RAF. They thought that this would be a unique theme and that the float would stand out from the crowd. School Council are now continuing their talks with the PFA to create artwork which will help to decorate the float.

School Council’s half termly cake sale was also a huge success. Bakers were chosen off the rota of volunteers and they raised £20.25.


School Council Fundraising