Class One pupils have been potty about plants this half term.  They began their Science topic by identifying plants and flowers that grow in our beautiful Plantation. They chose their favourite flowers to sketch, label and classify! With the assistance of our parent helper, we set up our own greenhouse which we has been valuable in helping us to grow our own Lupins and tomato plants. We planted Lupins to add some colour to our sensory area. Pupils also planted some herbs: Rosemary, Mint and Thyme to add delicious scents to our sensory area. They decided to have a competition to see who could grow the tallest Sunflower and learnt about the important things that a plant needs in order for it to grow healthily. We remembered these as we cared for our Sunflowers. In the middle of their topic pupils visited Plantworld at Myerscough College. It was a brilliant trip which pupils gained lots of important knowledge from. They visited the sensory area where they were able to taste and smell various herbs, planted their own peas and learnt where tea, coffee and sugar comes from. After learning about the composting cycle and visiting the rainforest area they returned to school with a free black tomato and strawberry plant! Following on from this, pupils planted their own broad beans and kept a week by week diary of the changes that they observed over time.

Our English focus this half term has been a book called Stanley’s Stick. Pupils began their learning by going on a stick hunt to find one that was of interest to them. They generated a list of adjectives to describe their stick. Completed some comparing and contrasting activities and designed a stick safety poster to show how to use sticks in a safe way. They participated in some mind mapping about the story, thinking about who the characters were, where they were going and what they were doing. After creating some stick poetry, pupils identified similarities and differences between the sticks in the story. They predicted the next part of the story and finally finished off the unit by writing their own Stick adventure story. These were full of imagination and creativity!

In Art this half term we have been focussing on Claude Monet. Pupils have learnt about why this artist was famous and explored some of his work. They have experimented with watercolours themselves, creating a watercolour wash and pattern. They have painted a template of Monet’s Garden Gate painting which they found interesting and used their skills well. Finally pupils created their own version of Nympheas (The famous Water lilies painting). The finished products were stunning and pupils were very proud of their work.

In RE we have been thinking about ‘Special Places’. We thought carefully about what makes a place special and why and then we wrote about our own special places.  This then linked on to why the Church was a special place for Christians. We visited Church for our Ascension Day service and read out the prayers which we had written for this.

Our Computing lessons have been based on ‘De-bugging’. We have recapped the term ‘Algorithym’ and learnt a new term ‘De-bug’. We have used a programme called Purple Mash to test our de-bugging skills.

Other extra curricular activities that Class One have enjoyed this half term are as follows. A visit from the Life Education Bus to link with keeping healthy, entering a painting into the Garstang Primary Arts Festival themed along the lines of ‘Our favourite story’ and preparation of art and craft materials for our school float which will be entered into Garstang Children’s festival. The float themed 100 years of the RAF was chosen by the children and showcases their beautiful work. We worked alongside Class 2 pupils to achieve Silver award status in the RSPB Wild Challenge awards and of course celebrated the Royal Wedding with lots of fun activities including baking, a royal garden party lunch and we even created some Wedding cards which we have sent to Prince Harry and Meghan!


Class 1 Summer 1