Headteacher's Award

This award was  presented to the school by Patricia Watson, headteacher April 2006 - December 2009.

"I wanted to leave something so I wasn't forgotten!  This is a super school which I love dearly and it will always have a special place in my heart."

Under her leadership the school was transformed into a calm, vibrant learning community.

The award is given following discussions with staff.

Year Recipient Reason
2008/2009 Rebecca Young Modern Foreign Languages
2009/2010 Emily Thornton Enthusiasm in all school activities
2010/2011 Millie Sutcliffe Enthusiasm in all school activities
2011/2012 Jake Parker Swimming skills
2012/2013 Charlie Sturgess Being a great school ambassador
2013/14 Ricardo Lewis-Aspinall Progress in all aspects of school life
2014/15 Thomas Whitaker All round progress adn achievement 
2015/16 Michael Smith For having a positive attitude to all areas of school life
2016/17 Eve Raby  For being a good friendship role model