Winmarleigh Cup

The Winmarleigh Cup for Endeavour was presented to the school by Mr David Adams in 2005 to mark his retirement as headteacher.

The Winmarleigh Cup for Endeavour stays in school but commemorative certificates are awarded to the annual winners.

Winners of the Winmarleigh Cup

2005/6 Laura Sutcliffe (Y6)
2006/7 Sophie Sutcliffe (Y6)
2007/8 Rebecca Horn (Y4)
2008/9 Jake Parker (Y1)
2009/10 Faye Taylor-McCormick (Y5)
2010/11 Charlie Sturgess (Y4)
2011/12 Laura Thornton (YR)
2012/13 Jorja Nickson (Y1)
2013/14 Charlotte Houghton (Y1)
2014/15 Danny Hunter (Y2)
2015/16 Issey Blood (Y1)
2016/17 Kiki Blood (Y4)