Mr Leadbetter came into school and spoke to us about what an engineer does and he explained that his job is to develop robots to use in Space.


We took part in two challenges.

Space Robotics Challenge - we remotely controlled a small robot on the moon. The robot had seen a crash-landed satellite and a supply crate near to it. We worked in teams to get our robot to pick them both up and bring them back to the astronauts who were waiting by the robot’s start position. The challenge was about teamwork and how we solve these problems together.

Design your Space Crate Challenge – we had been tasked with sending a crate of supplies up to the moon base to help the astronauts working up there. We had to decide what we would put in the crate. We thought carefully about the weight of the item (heavy items cost a lot to transport into Space) and fragile items (space travel is very rough and can damage things easily). We drew the items that we would need, and thought about which were the three most important items. Then we thought about how we would protect something that was fragile. We talked about the extreme cold in Space and the rough landings.

We even tried Astronaut icecream!