On Wednesday 9th Children from Class 2 joined in Lent and sports Workshops at Melling Primary School. Children, alongside Tatham School,  took part in a number of activities linked to Lent. They made prayer bracelets and stones, Lentern promises and palm crosses.

Prayer Stones are mentioned many times in the Bible - from Moses striking the rock for water, to Paul referring to Jesus as the spiritual rock of the Church. Today stones are often understood a symbol of stability, strength and endurance. They can also help us to pray. 


Lentern Promises - Why do people give things up until Easter Sunday? Millions of people do this during lent as a sign of self discipline. Christians believe that this is to represent Jesus Christ's sacrifice when he went into the desert to pray and fast for 40 days. 

Children also played Tag Rugby and completed the first stage of the Sports Leaders Award.