Our awards: Winmarleigh Cup, Governors' Achievement Award and Headteacher's Award

Winmarleigh Cup

The Winmarleigh Cup for Endeavour was presented to the school by Mr David Adams in 2005 to mark his retirement as headteacher.

The Winmarleigh Cup for Endeavour stays in school but commemorative certificates are awarded to the annual winners.

Winners of the Winmarleigh Cup

2016/17 Kiki Blood (Y4)
2015/16 Issey Blood (Y1)
2014/15 Danny Hunter (Y2)
2013/14 Charlotte Houghton (Y1)
2012/13 Jorja Nickson (Y1)
2011/12 Laura Thornton (YR)
2010/11 Charlie Sturgess (Y4)
2009/10 Faye Taylor-McCormick (Y5)
2008/9 Jake Parker (Y1)
2007/8 Rebecca Horn (Y4)
2006/7 Sophie Sutcliffe (Y6)
2005/6 Laura Sutcliffe (Y6)

Governor's Achievement Award


2013/14  Emily Thornton for all round good work
2014/15 Joshua Sutcliffe for effort and enthusiasm
2015/16 Marley Riley for effort in all subjects
2016/17 Jaydon Jones for intelligent thinking in RE and worship


Headteacher's Award

This award was  presented to the school by Patricia Watson, headteacher April 2006 - December 2009.

"I wanted to leave something so I wasn't forgotten!  This is a super school which I love dearly and it will always have a special place in my heart."

Under her leadership the school was transformed into a calm, vibrant learning community.

The award is given following discussions with staff.

Year Recipient Reason
2016/17 Eve Raby  For being a good friendship role model
2015/16 Michael Smith For having a positive attitude to all areas of school life
2014/15 Thomas Whitaker All round progress adn achievement 
2013/14 Ricardo Lewis-Aspinall Progress in all aspects of school life
2012/2013 Charlie Sturgess Being a great school ambassador
2011/2012 Jake Parker Swimming skills
2010/2011 Millie Sutcliffe Enthusiasm in all school activities
2009/2010 Emily Thornton Enthusiasm in all school activities
2008/2009 Rebecca Young Modern Foreign Languages